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MaxxECU V1. Product no: 913. Advanced engine

MaxxECU STREET technical. CAN bus (additional wires required) USB communication for tuning with MTune. 8MB memory for internal logging, up to 1000Hz. Supply voltage 8-22V. ARM Cortex-M3 120MHz main processor. Resolution on ignition: 0.1 degrees. Resolution on injectors: 0.001 ms. Updates the fuel and ignition calculations 2000 times per second. CANTCU is a CAN-based gateway controller that enables support and communication between BMW F-series transmissions and basically any modern car ECU/electronics. Supports. CANTCU supports 1st and 2nd generation F-Series BMW 8HP and all BMW DCT transmissions. Full car/ECU integration is available for BMW E6/7/8/9x chassis, and …

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Buy a versatile and powerful engine control system for up to 12 cylinders with built-in wideband lambda and MAP-sensor. Learn more about the features, inputs, outputs and …Oil Filter Application Chart. Penske Shocks. Puig Racing Windscreens. Schnitz ECU Reflashing. Schnitz Electric Oil Scavenge Pump. Schnitz Key Switch Eliminator Harness. Schnitz LED Shift Lights. Schnitz Micro Storm 2 Stage Progressive Nitrous Controller. Vance and Hines Stainless Steel and Titanium Valves.MaxxECU supports data output according to the ODB-II standards. This function is only intended for reporting non-emissions related data to various diagnostic tools. MaxxECU does NOT perform "Readiness Monitoring" and does NOT report any diagnostic codes or MIL-indication. MaxxECU's ODB-II functions should not be used to pass emission tests.Position 0 in MaxxECU is the unaffected CAM position (normally fully retarded). Important note: Most of our VVTi implementations do require the HOME SIGNAL to be used into the system , if you experience that sensor position on the cams might shift 360 degrees between start ups, most likely in this case is a missing home signal in the trigger ... Autotune (local) MaxxECU has the ability to "autotune" the main fuel table ( Tuning --> Fuel table) by reading current lambda, compare with the lambda target and directly adjust the VE fuel table. Note: Remember, for autotune to properly work, all base settings must be correct, injector settings to match the injectors etc. More information. CAN based keypads from Blink Marine in Italy using the J1939 CAN protocol. Full support in all MaxxECU units. No icon packs are included, must be bought separately Pre programmed with J1939 CAN standard which MaxxECU uses. Motorsportprodukter - CAN keypad (12 keys) multi color LED - MaxxECU.Aug 20, 2023 ... Another massive thanks to Zak at Zewspeed for coming over and slogging it with me to get this car all back up and running again.MaxxECU Downloads MTune PC-software, MDash Android app, basemaps and manuals For tuning masterminds working with racing professionals looking for the most advanced engine control system, this is it. On the track, winning or losing comes down to details. That’s why MaxxECU PRO can access just about any information – Tune to perfection. Sensors and connector. Honeywell sensor connection Honeywell sensor connection.MaxxEcu main training course starts with the basics of downloading and installing the Maxx software. Basic functions such as fuel, ignition and idle programming are covered as well as more advanced features such as anti-lag, rev limiters, traction control, closed loop PID control, boost control, drive-by-wire, and much more.VW Haldex GEN1. See, Haldex wiring before proceeding, since the below requires a Haldex unit wired to the MaxxECU. 1. Activate the CAN protocol for the Haldex in the power train control menu in CAN Bus --> CAN settings, CAN Peripherals, Powertrain control. Note: Do not mix the Haldex protocol with any other OEM CAN protocol, it is only designed ...Can be used as switches or to control additional functions. 2 extra 0-5V inputs. Can be used for additional sensors such as for measurement of fuel/oil pressure. 2 digital inputs used for example for speed sensors (VR / Hall) or switches. Built-in 400kPa MAP-sensor for up to 3bar/43PSI of boost. 8 inputs for EGT sensors.<-- Wiring information, expand the wiring menu to the left.Max internal log speed: 1000Hz: 1000Hz: 1000Hz: 1000Hz: 1000Hz: 1000Hz: Sensor inputs: IAT, CLT, TPSMotorsportprodukter - Engine management - Connectors - Others - MaxxECU. Connector 2-way socket housing Delphi. Connector 2-way socket housing Delphi including pins and sealsMaxxECU MINI, based on our market leading MaxxECU units and uses the same easy to use, yet powerful MTune software. Fast Facts: 4 injector (high impedance only) and 4 ignition outputs. 4 ignition outputs (no internal amplifiers). IAT, TPS, CLT analog inputs. Built-in 400kPa MAP-sensor.

MaxxECU RACE, based on our MaxxECU PRO and uses the same easy to use, yet powerful MTune software. Specification: All 3-12 cylinder engines (4-stroke) Up to ...The MaxxECU adapter for Audi S2 with Audi 5-cyl engine (3B) can be used with all our ECUs. Note: This plugin adapter uses only connector 1 on MaxxECU RACE/PRO units, for extra functionality, the second harness can be added to the RACE ECU. The PRO ECU have in total of four ECU connectors which could be added for extra functionality: second ...Today we review the Maxxecu Race Premium kit that we installed on my Turbo Ameri-Barra Vortec 4200 Inline 6 powered 1981 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon. The IO ...• Fixed a bug where a manual bootloader update on a MaxxECU SPORT, could cause it to be detected as a MaxxECU V1. • Fixed the Bosch Temp sensor calibration definition. • Fixed a bug in AIN temp manual calibration. • Fixed a bug where up/down arrow keys were mixed to zoom in the logger.

MaxxECU MINI Product no: 1986 Advanced entry-level engine control system for up to 4 sequential cylinders. Up to 8 in wasted spark. Faster and easier tuning with the built-in MAP-sensor up to 3 bar / 43.5 psi of boost.How to get your VAG DSG DQ250/DQ500 gearbox up and running with MaxxECU. 1. Hardware requirement and wiring. Make sure your DSG TCU is supported. Currenty we only support the VAG DSG DQ250/DQ500 gearbox found on VAG MED 9.1 ECM vehicles. Note: We do NOT support the DSG gearboxes found on vehicles using the SIMOS ECM. TCU HW ID.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. MaxxECU RACE, based on our MaxxECU PRO and uses the. Possible cause: MaxxECU STREET technical. CAN bus (additional wires required) USB communication for tu.

Extremely versatile engine control system for powerful engines with up to 8 sequential cylinders. Up to 12 in wasted spark. Faster and easier tuning with built-in wideband lambda and a built-in MAP-sensor up to 3 bar / 43.5 psi of boost.Can be used as switches or to control additional functions. 2 extra 0-5V inputs. Can be used for additional sensors such as for measurement of fuel/oil pressure. 2 digital inputs used for example for speed sensors (VR / Hall) or switches. Built-in 400kPa MAP-sensor for up to 3bar/43PSI of boost. 8 inputs for EGT sensors.

For MaxxECU MINI, RACE connector 2 and PRO connector 4. NOTE: Special crimping tool is needed! $32.03. in stock. Add to cart. ID: 1999. MaxxECU PDM20 C1 (AMP 34-pin)When it comes to maintaining the integrity and lifespan of your roof, finding the right solution is crucial. One product that has gained attention in recent years is Roof Maxx. Roo...

Crimp tool (small) 63811-9200. Molex distributors: Digikey, Engine start. Prev Top Next. See, troubleshooting for most common questions. Just wanted to share 1 of my builds, its runInputs --> Digital inputs and make sure MaxxECU PDM20 general. -40 to +125 deg C temperature range. Reverse polarity protection. 6-22V operating voltage. 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 CPU. 132x140x42mm (excluding protruding connectors) 1x 34-pin and 1x 26-pin Superseal connectors. M6 screw for battery connection. PC communication over CAN-bus via any MaxxECU to MTune. MaxxECU specializes in mapping and adjusting af Wireless communication to Bluetooth MaxxECUs. Everything connected to MaxxECU is selectable. Metric or US customary units. Text values or gauges can be mixed. Boost level switch. General switches to be used inside MaxxECU as a condition. Engine diagnostics. Multi display setup. Compatible with Android 4.4 and newer.MaxxECU Acceleration module, product ID: 1991. Acceleration sensor with 0-5V output signal (max 3G) Pin 1: Sensor GND Pin 2: 0-5V output Pin 3: +5V power supply 1V = -3G PID control. PID is a "closed loop" control algorithm (instrRelay wiring using a LOW (GND) output from MaxxECU.Note: Only available on MaxxECU PRO . Accelerometer orient If you’re in need of roof rejuvenation and restoration, finding a reliable and reputable Roof Maxx dealer near you is crucial. With so many options available, it can be overwhelmin... ECU connector BMW S54/Porsche 996 120-pin - MaxxECU. Stor Clutch Tools. Engine Assembly Tools. All Engine Assembly Tools. APE. Brocks. Hotcams. Motion Pro. RSR. MaxxECU - Be a tuning mastermind. Like Us. MaxxECU features a wide range of ECU's for both sportsman racers that need just the basic engine controls to professional builds that may require many extra inputs and outputs for advanced features.Nov 4, 2020 ... The MaxxECU PRO can access just about any information, allowing engine controls to be tuned to perfection. Comes with MTune software for ... MaxxECU SPORT Premium Kit. $ 1,429.00. Extremely versatile engin[MaxxECU PRO is a product developed from the grThe MaxxECU Mini supports the CAN bus protocol and has 4 high MaxxECU is a Swedish based company, developing and producing our own market leading engine management system. Made by professional tuners to be the most powerful, easy to use and flexible engine management system ever made. MaxxECU is designed to give optimal performance on the track and on the street.