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Harry hypnotised the faithfuls like a snake with a rabbit as he played the long game with the traitors Carol Midgley Friday January 26 2024, 10.50pm , The TimesOkita has the highest attack and lowest HP of the SSR Alter Egos by a significant margin. She has high attack and low HP even compared to SSR servants as a whole, meaning she’ll hit quite hard with her normal cards. Her Independent Action passive will also boost this damage even more when Okita crits.

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Introduction. Bunyan is a Servant nobody needs. She’s not terrible or anything—she has enough generically nice stuff to function—but there’s honestly just not a lot of call for an ST Buster Alter Ego at the SSR level without something meaningfully differentiating within the Servant’s kit. Bunyan is very standard in a lot of ways ...Oct 9, 2020 · 75%. 87.5%. 100%. Usage Tips. Grail Potential. Conclusion. In case it’s not clear yet, Himiko’s pretty bizarre. She’s a mediocre Buster crit DPS, but in specific team comps she suddenly becomes an integral part of what is arguably the best stall team in the game. Dec 8, 2021 · Increase your Debuff Chance Rate by 4%. Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 12%. Martha’s in-niche damage ampage is among the best in the game, even when top-tier supports are considered. She also helps with crits and brings some healing, which means she has a little bit of value even outside of her damage buffs. Even outside of farming, though, Musashi is a great general-purpose tool for AoE CQs, especially if you want to run Arts without having to play slow. Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings. Overall: 9/10. Single-Target DPS: 7/10. AoE DPS: 10/10.Quick teams still lack the stability of Arts teams and the damage of Buster teams, but Skadi does give Quick teams access to a little of both. She’s a godsend (pun intended) to Quick team fans, and I expect her to be quite useful to those who find ways to cover for her flaws. Rabbit’s Arbitrary Ratings: Overall: 9/10. Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings Overall: 8/10 Single-Target DPS: 7/10 AoE DPS: N/A Survivability: 7/10 Offensive Utility: 7/10 Defensive Utility: 1/10 (9/10 with Castoria, …Jan 18, 2023 · Nito is an AoE SSR Arts Avenger, which sets her up quite well at base. She also has good CQ utility, and—most importantly—a 100% battery skill. This makes her one of the best loopers in the entire game. In exchange, her damage is quite low—to the extent that she struggles to keep up with the likes of Muramasa. FGO JP: Ikaros-JAPAN (484,416,786) Ikorus13 2 years ago #8 As discussed elsewhere: For those favoring a more old school burst-stall approach, she even works well with the OG tamamo (in conjunction with merlin).35%. 40%. Usage Tips. Grail Potential. Conclusion. Da Vinci is a really strong servant if you like more traditional Arts teams, and she has loop potential as well. She’s a super elegant servant overall, and she’s easily one of …Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings Overall: 8/10 Single-Target DPS: 9/10 AoE DPS: 4/10 Survivability: 2/10 Offensive Utility: 2/10 Defensive Utility: 6/10 Farming Usefulness: …In Conclusion: There’s really no reason to pull for this guy from a gameplay standpoint, and he pretty much never shows up on a banner anyway. He’s totally obsoleted by higher-rarity servants and existing low-rarity servants do his job more-or-less equally well. He’s among the most forgettable servants in the game.While the stinger requirement isn’t fun, it’s considerably easier than many other recent servants, and the rest of his stuff is super easy to get ahold of. All of Lanling’s skills are fantastic for his support role. Recommended skill order is 3>2>1. -Mask is a cross between Protection from Arrows and Charisma. He brings basically no utility and can get shut down easily, but if all you need is lots of damage really fast, Arjuna’s among the best in the game. And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet's pen turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name.

This skill is like being able to use a normal guts skill three times in a row; the long cooldown is more than fair. That said, there’s not much incentive to upgrade this skill. The benefits from having this at a higher level are highly situational and—in my view—not worth the cost. Nero’s passives are just okay.He does amazing reviews and is always good to read on about your servants capabilities! Credit goes to @22whiterabbit22. Rabbit Review List. 1 Artoria OG Saber....Rabbit's Reviews #272: Archer of Inferno (4* Saber) Rabbit's Reviews #271: Murasaki Shikibu (4* Rider) Rabbit's Reviews #270: Yu Miaoyi (4* Lancer) Rabbit's Reviews #269: Illyasviel von …Achilles has high attack and high HP for an SSR Rider, making for solid overall base stats. With pretty good base star gen, a 5-hit AoE Quick NP, and a pair of 4-hit Quicks, Achilles is capable of making a fair number of stars, especially with Riding thrown into the mix.Kagekiyo is a remarkably straightforward Servant. She has a few gimmicky bits here and there, but ultimately she’s just a powerful and reliable ST Quick Servant. Kagekiyo has relatively low damage steroids, but she makes up for it with strong crit buffs and (more importantly) extremely high consistency.

22whiterabbit22 (Topic Creator) 5 years ago #2. Astolfo’s base stats are kind of disappointing. His attack and HP are both in the low-mid range, and several SR Riders beat him out in both categories. His NP gain is depressingly low for a servant with a single Arts card, and his hit-count spread doesn’t help matters.Bunyan is a Spartacus who lost his battery in favor of a super short NP and the ability to boost party damage. Having a new general-purpose farmer is nice, and Bunyan can definitely speed up certain farming setups if you invest in her. Solid addition to the game. Rabbit’s Arbitrary Ratings: Overall: 8/10.Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings Overall: 10/10 Single-Target DPS: 5/10 AoE DPS: 9/10 Survivability: 5/10 Offensive Utility: 2/10 Defensive Utility: 5/10 Farming Usefulness: ……

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Quick teams still lack the stability of Arts teams and t. Possible cause: Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings Overall: 7/10 Single-Target DPS: 4/10 AoE DPS: 6/10 .

As a 4*, losing out to a comparable 3* is pretty depressing. Gawain isn’t a bad servant, and he can definitely work if you’re farming and just want to press red cards, but even in his niche he doesn’t have all that much of interest to offer. Rabbit’s Arbitrary Ratings: Overall: 4/10. Single-Target DPS: 5/10.The writers of FGO forgot that one already existed, so they made Jinako. Despite the overlap between Jinako and Helena, Jinako does have some advantages over the earlier counterpart. ... Rabbit’s Reviews #383: Yui Shousetsu (4* Caster) Rabbit’s Reviews #382: Ushi Gozen (5* Avenger)

In a better kit it could be very good. A 3-turn 30% buff on a 5-turn CD is standard, and this one scales up to 70% at max on turn 3. It is, in a sense, a 50% 3-turn buff on average, which should be strong. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well with Nobu’s kit.Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings Overall: 9/10 Single-Target DPS: 5/10 AoE DPS: 9/10 Survivability: 4/10 Offensive Utility: 4/10 Defensive Utility: 4/10 Farming Usefulness: …It’s a truly amazing story—easily the best FGO has had to-date—and it’s well-worth the time it takes to read through. …At any rate, Aesc is a weird DPS Caster with some theoretical support potential. She’s one of the better offensive Casters in the game, but that’s not a particularly high bar, and what she does offensively can ...

NA Release Date: 11/21/2022. Introduction. Alongside Limbo, L Aug 10, 2020 · At the very least, Altria democratizes fast farming, which is without question a good thing, no matter what the long-term balance implications might be. It’s absolutely valid to worry about what Altria’s release means for the game going forward, but I think it’s a little too early to panic. All-in-all, Altria is ludicrously powerful. ATK: 6044 HP: 6196 Attribute: Earth Growth Curve: Instead, he’s quite possibly the most important farm In Conclusion: For our long-awaited Quick support, Osakabehime is rather disappointing. With the right team, she can be decent, but Waver, Sherlock, and Merlin are still probably going to support Quick teams better than she will despite not being dedicated Quick supports. Rabbit’s Arbitrary Ratings: Overall: 6/10.Jul 31, 2022 · Arc will be fun to use regardless, but if you want her to truly earn her potential title of Type-Earth, you’re going to need to be willing to go all the way. Up to you whether that’s worth it. Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings. Overall: 10/10. Single-Target DPS: 6/10. AoE DPS: 8/10. Sep 8, 2021 · With her sword, Rengoku, severed from her spirit origin Fate / Grand Order. List of all Rabbit Reviews. V-Alphabet 5 years ago #1. To show thanks to rabbit I thought we could put all his reviews in one place, someone did this ages ago but stopped at 60 so I thought let’s redo it! He does amazing reviews and is always good to read on about your servants capabilities! Suzuka has been described as a more modern taIn Conclusion: There’s really no reason to pull In Conclusion: Lalter is a good Buster crit servant with pretty much e Sure, Ranmaru exists to do similar things, but Taisui has better damage against a good chunk of the cast—and much better damage in some cases—on top of some good utility. No complaints. Definitely raise this one. Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings. Overall: 9/10. Single-Target DPS: 4/10.Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings Overall: 9/10 Single-Target DPS: 4/10 AoE DPS: 8/10 Survivability: 10/10 Offensive Utility: 3/10 Defensive Utility: 10/10 Farming Usefulness: 8/10 Rejoicing: 10/10 More Servant Reviews NA Release Date: 04/2023. Introduction. Miss Crane is a brand-new L Unimpressive NP gain and long cooldowns aside, Abby’s a very good offensive servant. Her role as a hard counter to Berserkers also has the potential to be invaluable for certain fights. If you invest in her, you won’t be disappointed. Rabbit’s Arbitrary Ratings: Overall: 8/10. Single-Target DPS: 8/10. Jul 30, 2023 · What it comes down to is that Aesc is less than the [The sisters are an utterly normal Arts unit. Their damaBedi’s material requirements are pretty nasty for a 3*. He ne Rabbit's Reviews #141: Scathach (4* Assassin) Fate / Grand Order iOS (iPhone/iPad) Android PlayStation 4. Log in to add games to your lists. Notify me about new: Guides. Cheats. ... FGO JP: Ikaros-JAPAN (484,416,786) ReiRei89 5 years ago #7. Love her design, it's a shame she isn't that good though. I'm not in a hurry to level her up since ...